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AECF Tanzania New Vacancy, June 2022


The AECF Tanzania is a development institution that supports businesses to innovate, create jobs, and leverage investments and markets to create resilience and sustainable incomes in rural and marginalized communities in Africa. It provides concessional capital, technical assistance, and support to the wider enabling environment for emergent and scaling SMEs. Over the past 12 years, AECF has supported almost 400 businesses in more than 40 value chains and 26 countries in subSaharan Africa. In the renewable energy and adaptive climate change sector, AECF has supported businesses across solar home systems, mini and micro-grids, biogas, financial services, and adaptive climate change technologies. The Tanzania Clean Cooking Programme (TCCP) is a US$ 3.75 million, three-year program that aims to transform the clean cooking sector and enable access to clean cooking to more than 300,000 rural and marginalized households in Tanzania. The programme aims to address the two-fold challenge of supply and demand through innovative mechanisms that de-risk private sector investments through supply-side grants and make clean cooking solutions more affordable through demand-side grants.


The organization is seeking to hire qualified individuals to fill new vacant positions. Read full details from the PDF Document attached on this page below:


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