Fake Job Advertisement (How To Spot it): 5 Ways


Fake job advertisement (How To Spot It)

Hello there job seeker. As we all can understand that job hunting is a challenging task most of us in some way or the other we have once been victims of applying to fake job advertisements and as a result we get scammed from that.

Careful considerations need to be taken before applying to any job. We know that we are so desperate for employment but anything does have challenges along the way. So today we shall point out 5 hints to know what to check whether the job advertisement is fake or original.


1. Poorly written job post and correspondence

You’ve seen this before: You read a job posting or receive an email, and the wording is just off. It may be overly formal and awkward, or it could be full of grammar mistakes and punctuation errors. Professional companies don’t let this happen. A job posting should be easy to read and understand, and that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a typo or two.

Let’s take an example of this image below. There are some grammar mistakes, the advert is poorly written and i have highlighted them.

Azam Fake Job Advert

As you can see, too many grammar mistakes. And its an azam group job but it says it comes from coca cola company.

2. The recruiter uses a generic email

Whether your correspondence is with a recruiter from a recruiting agency or the HR person at the hiring company, you should expect that they’ll have a company email address. If the recruiter is using a generic email service, like Gmail or Yahoo, they’re either not legit or really unprofessional. In either case, you’ll want to move on.

In all cases creating a generic email is very easy. That’s why many fake job advertisements have emails either ending @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, e.t.c. Look closely—does the email they want you to send materials to not end in the official company name (theircompany.com)? If the email associated with the posting or the invitation is a personal one (think Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), maybe take a pass. And please, please don’t respond and attach any personal documents unless you’re sure you’re dealing with the real deal.  However this is not always the case, but it should be an alert to you.

See the example below, a large company like azam using Gmail.


3. You’re asked to pay for something
You’ve been looking for a work  and you finally found one that looks amazing. The only problem is that you’re asked to pay some money at the start to help fund for forms, interviews or placements.   Don’t fall for it — this is a simple grab-the-money-and-run scam. No reputable company should ask you to pay them for processing  your job. It’s that simple.

See an example of fake advertisement below. It requires candidates to pay tsh. 35,000/= for processing expenses.


4. The company or the job advertisement has no online presence.

You do your due diligence and try to verify the person, the company, the job listing… and nothing is turning up in your Googling. You can stop right there and step away. Legit jobs always have some online trail.

However there are some companies do advertise their jobs through traditional methods like newspapers. But still before applying make sure you do a research be it online or any other method.

5. Requests for Confidential Information

Other confidential information that can be requested as part of a fraudulent job posting includes your bank account information, credit card number, or Social Security Number. While it’s true that real jobs will collect this information from you to complete a background check or set up direct deposit, this should never be part of the preliminary application process. Some Federal or State jobs might be an exception, but in those cases, you will apply for the jobs through a secure government portal. Never send any of this information through an email or instant messenger service.

These are just few hints to tell you that whether the job is legit or not. If you come across them and you’re still not sure just contact us and we shall give you answers right away.